Artist statement:

I combine the form and texture of South African art with contemporary European design to bring elegance and simplicity to functional pieces in porcelain and stoneware. My current passion is creating garden totems and indoor wall boxes using organic textures and an earth color palette.


Corinna Mori is a Palo Alto-based ceramic artist with South African and German roots. Her work featured in exhibits around San Francisco and the Bay Area, including two installations at Filoli Gardens. Corinna is affiliated with the Palo Alto Art Center. 


Corinna's work includes a combination of sculptural and functional pieces. She draws inspiration from her South African roots and contemporary European design. Her process involves using natural objects as texture to give individuality to each one. She focuses on making creative pieces that bring simplicity and elegance to everyday rituals. Corinna's totems and wall boxes enhance indoor and outdoor settings through color, texture and form.


Partial List of Exhibits: 

  • Open Studio,  May 2019

  • Studio Gallery in San Francisco, participated in “Tiny show” in 2018, 2017, 2012 and 2008

  • A Potters’ Reunion, Main Gallery 2015

  • Association of Clay and Glass Artists of California (ACGA), Exhibiting Member since 2014

  • Filoli Flower Show Presents “Broadway in Bloom”, May 8-11, 2014

  • Totem Exhibit in the Gardens, "Filoli’s Summertime Sculpture in the Gardens", 2014

  • Main Gallery, Redwood City, Exhibiting Member 2009