prestigious and popular 26th Annual ACGA Clay & Glass Festival in Palo Alto hosts a fabulous, free, fun-filled two-day celebration of Clay and Glass Art on July14-15, 2018, at the Palo Alto Art Center, 1313 Newell Road. 

Free Admission

Corinna Mori - San Francisco Art's Up Exhibit

September 16, 2018.  11:00 AM

26 Hancock Street, San Francisco

Solo exhibit at the heart of the Mission in SF, Wine and Cheese will be served.  

Fine, decorative and useful art pieces. 

Corinna Mori is a Palo Alto-based ceramic artist with South African and German roots. Her work featured in exhibits around San Francisco and the Bay Area, including two exhibits at the Filoli Gardens. Corinna teaches Ceramics at the Palo Alto Art Center. Corinna Mori's designs combine the geometry and texture of African art with the simplicity of contemporary European design. Her signature pieces demonstrate the skills of creating fine and light ceramics with  artistic textures that preserve the earthly, rustic and primitive nature of clay.  Her works join the new wave of  boundary breaking South African pottery that is now catching the art scene's attention . 

Free Admission

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